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so how to ask to share a mood in a bimi app so here's how you can just share your mood to your friend or partner so just like that and then you just charge your mood but then the question is can you request your friend to share a mood so if i tap and hold nothing happens if i tap on the front to send cents also nothing happens um so i don't know maybe this feature is not there yet but here at least you can see that if you just share a mood to your partner and then you can just tap on that the partner will receive that notification and he can just tap on that notification open the app and then uh share his or her mood in response so that's basically how you request a mood chair just share your mood and then your friend can share a mood back but i don't know i think it would be a good feature to have a button like request a mood share so you know in in real life you can just imagine asking some person like how are you feeling what's your mood that's like a standard you know question a lot of people asking maybe and then uh yeah or like some some other kind of uh sense uh how it's called in this app but yeah what do you guys think

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