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so i'm just going through some of the reviews and feedback for a viral ngl app and one of the popular requests here is that people want to be able to change your instagram link but i don't know how to they don't know how to so just trying to figure out if it's possible at all so when you create an account in the app you just enter your instagram username be careful because it's not possible to change your username later [Music] and yeah your link is basically ngl.link slash your instagram username and this is instagram username your account where you want to use it if you tap on your icon it's not possible to to change your instagram username here there is no way to do it and you can't log out as well the only thing you can do is just delete your account but yeah if you delete your account it says you will lose access to your username and all questions so i'm not sure about yeah what like if you like if you have one username you delete your account you want to get another username but also want to keep that one i think it shouldn't it won't be possible maybe but yeah the one way to change your instagram username is just delete an account and create an account with the username you want to that's the the option i see now of course you can just tap i need help and contact their support just by dming on their instagram account so that's what i would do

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