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so here is interesting app which is called swimpley where you can rent private pools so it's similar to like airbnb for private pools and when the summer is going on of course a lot of people want to enjoy um hardly private pools of course you can rent airbnb with the pool or you can go to expensive resort or you can go to ocean and all of that but these options sometimes are just not the perfect match because it can be either expensive or you need to drive a lot or why do you need to rent the whole super expensive airbnb if you just need to have like a pool party in the you know outside and you will never enter the house um and then it's very convenient so you can just discard thousands of pool to go swimming with your friends filter searches instant book chat with the host become a host and if you become a host you can you know rent out your pool and yeah you can earn some additional revenue so simply gives you access to some of the best pools in your city what is simply for simply is for anyone who wants to run and enjoy a pool by the hour whereas you are looking to get a few laps in chill with friends are trying to get some quality time with your family you can do it always swimply launch the apps at your preference and book a pull from all from your phone so that's basically how it works so let's just open the app and then to create an account i'll just do yeah okay we'll just do it later you can allow your locations you can keep notifications but of course in yellow in some of the locations it won't be available so because this app is mostly us based so it won't work in europe or in uk or anywhere else probably uh just in us might be canada here you can see some uh trending pools 75 dollars per hour uh you can see up to 15 gas allowed versus some cool uh like barbecue spot and you can see size you can see dabs you can see about information about the pool there's a result water some farm furnitures no pets no smoking no parties so in some pools parties are not allowed additional rules currently we are requiring two hour minimum for swimmers five hour minimum for photo video shoots so and then you can see all the other details verified or host and then uh yeah exact location provided after booking and then you can see where exactly that is and then you can just tap book now want deep so then you can select morning so something like that and then you can just book it proceed with details like this pool approved for up to five guests and then tap next uh you can add some so there is hot tub in this put there is fire pit and then some reminders and then you just proceed with bookings so here is your final overview and then you can just uh then you can just dab book now i guess you will be able to do that after you add the payment method and then when you do it first time it's yeah it's a bit like you know something new complicated but then you can just book it instantly and there you have it i don't it says that usually it just can be booked instantly there is no like a lot of negotiations with your host it's not like you're booking airbnb uh you can add some favorites here there are some reservations today pending upcoming of course oops something went wrong so anyhow there are still some bugs in this app and yep so that's basically so the popular look locations are los angeles miami to austin texas yeah you can also create a account and that's basically how it works i never use this app but i've just figured it's a really nice idea it's like airbnb for pools and like during summer time this one of the apps you definitely want to check out it's it can bring you some nice experiences especially if the in the heat of the summer just it would be really cool you know to book nice pool and maybe it's not even that expensive and then just hang out with friends so hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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