Update! Shuffles app available for everyone - no invites needed!

hey everyone so I just received these notifications as Pinterest shuffles app so it's a it's a their collage making app uh it's available for everyone so no more invites needed uh yeah so now you can just go and create your own collages and participate in the app so yeah it's a really cool app to make this kind of collages and edit move them create photos images all of that so uh kind of yeah you can create all of that all these animations uh yeah looks pretty nice you can get followers here you can follow people you can see some Discovery feed uh and then you can see for you you can see popular you can see yeah people really creating some amazing uh craft here so and then you can just see all of the and then you can just go and follow some users something like that yeah so that's interesting and also then you can just uh chat uh and yeah hope that is helpful

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