Updated FOX WEATHER APP overview

hello everyone welcome to mr hacker youtube channel so let's do a quick overview of an updated for fox weather daily forecasts app so this is the app it's uh the all new fox weather app brings america's weather team to the palm of your hand this app right now is in the top charts of the us app store you can see it's number one in the weather app charts so let's just do a quick overview why what are the features here so i just i will just install it from the app store of course it's from fox news network track conditions in your current and favorite location with hourly and daily forecast for the next two weeks watch live video from america's weather center it's precise so you can see all the storms this exclusive 3d mobile radar so it's like a new interesting feature a whole new way to experience severe weather it gives powerful long-range forecasts and there you have it so let's just explore the app for me it's interesting is it's working only on on in us or it's tracking the weather everywhere and push notifications then you can just allow tracking or not and then here is the app tour so you can use that to see it and then here is the app so there are some lightest weather news some updates from here you can see the current location hardly of 14 day forecast you can go to settings you can add multiple locations here you can change the units so yeah so there you have it something like this um so yeah for example and then you can go to weather team you can also enable like uh volkswagen tv here then you can watch you can get access to all these clips and exclusive forecasts you can read all the stories you can create an event and then you can just track here for example so let's see how it works but i can also enable it in 3d but okay anyway let's just go to united states so here i can see all the storms how they are they moving so for example if i go to one cooler and then i want you want to have this 3d option so this is how it looks like so it looks pretty cool actually so that's a nice feature so yeah that's that's the app basically of course i can't tell you if it's like super precise right now but um [Music] yeah seems right now uh yeah i hope there is sun tomorrow let's see if there is sun in copenhagen but yeah um yeah it seems like it's clear there is no rain outside so for that maybe it's precise but anyways that's just an overview if you want to download or try out this app this is how it looks like                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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