UpDated LOCKET WIDGET App OVERVIEW - Zoom camera, share to Snapchat & IG

so here are a few updates uh for locate widget which were just released yesterday from when this video is published so let's just once again just go through the locket widget app and especially i will show you the updates how it works why this app is so popular you can see it's number six in the charts in social networking just below tick tock and youtube so you know so that's pretty cool so the idea over all of the apps that you can add your best friends to your home screens so you can add a widget on ios um then you take a photo and this photo is sent to your friend's widget so you add widget you receive photos from your friends and your friends who edit widgets they receive photos from you it is not possible to send notes live photos or videos in this app so it's only for photos that's the focus of this app if you want some like just to upload photos and videos there are a bunch of other apps such as noted um like widget pal and some others but like in this video we're gonna focus on these updates that now finally you can zoom on your camera you can um tap to focus you can double tap to flip the camera and on top of that you can now share your favorite lockers to instagram and snapchat so let's just go through these new features i must say that all of this was really requested by the community if you want to like a preview section you can see that people were really begging for these features but anyhow this is the app you just add your friends in the top left it's not possible to search for friends in discovery field or something so these are only your contacts which you give access to when you create an account um you can always add new friend about maximum 10 friends and then this is your account in the top right where everything is very simple and now the the camera so the new feature is now you can do this so you couldn't be able to do it before so that's a new feature because yeah you are not able to always take uh the um the right picture without zoom then of course you can just change the direction of camera or you can now just double tap so it's faster so if you just do that it's just faster to do it like that just double tap and then you can zoom as well so now if you tap it's easier to zoom on specific area so i'm not sure if okay let's see if that works but still it's also interesting feature so now if i just take a test photo so in the bottom i can select to which friend i want to send this photo to so i can select all my friends up to 10 friends or just one specific friend a lot of people are still not happy that you're not able to create groups in locate widget like group of friends group or family and send the same picture to like five people instantly easily but now you just need to go and select everyone anyways and then you can just send it and basically then this picture will appear in on their home screens of course you need to add this i think i forgot yes so you need to add the locket widget so just tap and your app app start to jiggle and then you just add this widget so that's the idea so now i will receive all the photos from my friends and if i send some photos just as i did to anyone they will appear in this widget and this widget is updated in real time and yeah so that's super handy you just can see it on your home screen on any other screen so you can add it to any other screen and yet it's just photos updating in real time so you open your phone and you see a new photo open your phone tomorrow again some new photos some new updates and it's just instant and very easy but but now the feature here is that if you want to share it you can also just share it to instagram or snapchat directly from the app and this is how it will look like on instagram so some nice little filter um yeah you can just add there is this locket icon and all of that you can add it to your storage you can share it to close friends and stuff like that you can also share it to snapchat directly of course you can use the share menu but then you won't have this locket icon and on snapchat there is also a link to lock it widget itself so does that you can also add reactions like that you can also comment um here so just comment basically means that you reply in imessage to the person who signed up and you sent a little text comment and yeah so that's basically so these are the new features once again you can now zoom you can pinch to zoom to focus you can double tap to change the direction of the camera and now you can natively share to instagram and snapchat there are so many like feature requests for this app if you just go to app review section but you actually like that lock it widget is very focused up and they are really just focusing on making sure that live camera photos are really easy to use and adding more features in that direction instead of you know adding video adding live photos adding notes adding like social media elements which other apps are doing which is becoming a bit too much so this app is still very easy to use very minimalistic and that's why it's in the top charts so hope you enjoyed this new features try it out

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