so noted drawing app has a new exciting look so let's just update the app as it's version 2.01.0 with a new visual identity and the more intuitive interface in this latest update we have considerably improved the app's usability through ui ux in design techniques also some users have signed us feedback about issues related to the widget we identified the back and fixed it so there you have it did you like it your feedback is important you want your experience to be perfect write the app here and app store and then just leave your suggestions so there you have it so let's just check out the new design so here is the app basically it takes some time to load i already had an account and basically here you can just send all these notes i don't know if there is a big like changing functionalities but here you just have all this stuff where you can just again add notes uh the ads are still there uh you can just add like if if i want to draw something i can just draw it like this and then i can just tap send it and then i will be able to send it out since successfully or not you'll soon be in your partner's device so there you have it and then you can see latest note self sent and then you can just send it over you can see all the notes here uh if you want to unlink from current partner you can just tap unlink then you can just write feedback from feedback it will be just basically animal support at noted dot fun from this email then you have user id build version build number and all of that and then yeah you in feedback you can ask all the questions about contact about uh yeah you you want to know about everything um here is also the guide how to add noted as a widget so it's yeah just goes for that guide and then it just basically redirects redirects me to iphone page on apple.com but yeah basically to add it just tap and hold until the app start to jiggle and in top left you will see the plus icon on all the iphones it's in top right so i have iphone 7 so that's in top right and then i you can just search for noted it should appear like this um and then you can just add it there are two widget sizes there are small widgets there is big one it just depends which size of notes you like either you like you know big note or you like a smaller note and all of that so you can just enable that and then yeah uh basically after that uh your widgets will be added uh so something like that uh super cool app um yeah just you can surprise your colleagues your loved ones by drawing on this widget by sending different exciting notes and all of that um and yeah so that's about it thank you again for watching subscribe to my channel and see in the next videos

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