Updated Obimy 3.0 app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

so obimi 30 app is here there are a lot of new features completely new design and i just created this video tutorial for you to better understand this new app how it works maybe you never heard about it then this video is also for you i think it's amazing app so check it out so here's a beamy app the first sensor jar and i already did a bunch of tutorials and overviews about this app i liked it a lot and this is a new version of bmi 3-0 and it's actually the interface is completely different so let's just go through it together [Music] so you can send more new senses more free actions you can do with close ones um massage hold the hand pitch about bench the cheeks and all of that you can create custom senses first thin sensors for for free you can share mood and describe what you expect specifically feel there are 17 color schemes you can get notifications uh and yeah like for the newbies it has never been so simple to understand what is a sense and how to send it despite the distance between the closed ones so this is a bmx 30 this is a new version of the app so let's just go through it so the whole idea of the app is pretty neat that you can send these senses to your friends or partners or loved ones uh just you know just for example i have my account and then i have uh my friend or my partner and then i can just tap on it and then i can send the virtual keys so that's how it works and i don't need to write one text messages i don't need to think what to write what is the right message i can just send this virtual hug and this this i'm doing it for free and it's especially cool for long distance relationships where you know you constantly need to remind about yourself or about your feelings and stuff like that and apps like obimi can really help you out to do this so and then you see these notifications that will arrive to your phone that's basically how it works maybe there is also some additional vibration uh yep and then you can just hug in reply then you can tap me and that's how you can share your mood like this and then you can add this is a new feature you can share it like this and then you can send it to your closed ones uh and then that's basically that then there are some new functionalities it says it will be implemented soon so there you have it like this so that's the idea of it and then you have your profile in your profile you have these features where you can see yours your steps today you can see your bpm so that's basically that so basically steps today everything is just take just taken from your health kit so basically uh yeah you can connect your health kit make sure to do that and bpm is your heart rate yes that's a really cool feature about the beamy app that you can track your heart rate and then send your heart rate or your request a mood or anything from your loved ones so that's basically the idea of it and to make it accessible you need to connect your app to the health kit and then you need to have some watch device it won't work just with your phone so just so you know you need to have either apple uh watch or some android watch or anything like this and then add sizes i don't know this will be some closing sizes and now you can customize your colors there are a lot of different colors here now and then you can just uh you can sign up there is a new free trial before it was just like a one pack purchase but now it's you can select my senses for monthly 2.99 uh six new colors fresh census uh birthday is tomorrow and and then all of that and that's like uh there is a monthly subscription now so before this open mr zero there was only one uh purchase one time purchase now there is a monthly subscription and that's how it's working so you can edit your profile if you want to delete your account you can easily delete it from settings it's understandable then you need to go to your health kit app and just allow uh you know give access to to obimi app uh here so you can just do it from here so you will be able to add this health kit or bimi app and then here is your mood and that's basically how it's working then there is your profile there is language there are two languages english and ukrainian that's great so you can do that then log out restore purchases basically if you bought the obimi app on some other phone you can easily restore it and you don't need to upgrade again or you change your phone to a new one there is also this support you can reach out to support at thebemi.com for additional details there is a user id so to add close ones to add your partner you can search by nickname but yeah it says will be implemented soon because this app is still in the early process the team is working really hard to implement all the features but what you can do you can just tap to share your link and for example i just want like that and this is how i share the link and people will be able to add me so that's basically the idea how you can add that and then you can share it with your friends so here is just some overview how you can do it and then yeah so yeah these are some of the updates and i was just like i was just like curious what else is new here and then there are like 14 senses for free you can share your mood and describe what you yeah uh there are 17 different tasty sweet and classy colors there are still some so many updates coming to this app but this is this is just a preview what you can see here um so that's that so hopefully this was a nice quick overview sorry for all the noises around it i'm just a bit outside but i was just like super excited to just share with you this opinion 3-0 app probably i will just do another a quick tutorial when i discover and play with it a bit more with this new design and in a bit more quiet environment um so that's basically it enjoy it it's a free app and hope you like it

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