So here's updated Obimy app, Obimy 3.0. A lot of people were waiting for this update.

And in this tutorial, let's just go through it and discover what's new, what's improved, and how to use this updated new app. Now you can send more new sensors, more free actions. You can do these closed ones. You can create custom sensors. Now you can create a custom sense.

But okay, if you didn't use Obimy app before, here's what it does. So instead of words, you have kisses, hugs and touches. It's like digital sensors. It's like a digital sensors. Basically, if you're in a distance relationship or something around it, instead of sending text, how are you, what are you doing? And all of that, you just send a digital touch or digital keys and all of that. You can also see heartbeat if each other, you can see each other's tabs and all of that.

This was the original app. Now they added some new update. So now you can create custom sense. Sense can be a kiss, a hug or something like that. You can choose more colors, yeah, so you can add many people. It's easier for new people to onboard on this app and to understand how it works.

Basically, here's your universe Obimates. You can add your friends. So to add the friend, just have in top left, and then you can search by nickname. It will be implemented soon. But also you can just share your link. So this is how your link can look like, something like this. Then you just share your link. Then you can add many people on the Obimy app.

This is a new update. It wasn't allowed before that. Now you can add many people in Obimy app. Then the whole idea of the app is that I tap on my friend, and then I can just tap on this kiss or something like that. This is how it shows, add your friend, a partner, colleague, who also has this app installed, they will receive this notification that you send that digital hug or digital kiss.

There are all these like types of sensors, warm, passionate, hot, fresh. Then there are all these new sensors. If you want to send those, you need to unlock with a free trial. Then that also is an upgrade, because now there is oh wow, Obimy subscription. So there is a month subscription 2.99 per month. There is a 12.99 for six months. There is a yearly subscription. You have your own sensors. You create your own sensors to do so. Also have new colors, you have fresh sensors, which you can send. Then you can also send, see some specific, important dates and all of that. So that's cool.

In case you want to create your own action, your own sense, you can just tap here, and then just describe it like this. And then you can choose a different emoji for this. Then if you want, you can unlock this free trial. So that's how it works. There is a monthly subscription 2.99, six months, 12.99, yearly 14.99. That's what you can do. That's the idea.

Then there is your profile, you can ask mood in your friend. So that's for now, there is a special button to do that. This part, I don't know what that means. Sizes, probably some march closing sizes, which you can do. We are in your friend's profile. Then you can also un friend here. You can rename your friend, you can mute, you can send mood and all of that. So that's what you can do.

Then there is your profile. So here in your profile, you can send that you're feeling sad, that you're feeling okay or feeling nice. Here you can send something like this, then send to close ones, and all that. Then again, you can go to your profile here. You can see number of steps you did. You can customize your profile here. Then there are some small packages, which are just 1.99, one time payment. If you want some different colors, you can subscribe to premium.

Then there is BPM, which you can use. That's like your heart rate, which you can add. That's one of the most popular features. You can see a heart rate of your partner as well. Then you can share your own heart rate, or something like that.

Why it's not showing up here, because first you need to connect your app, give all the permissions in the health kit app. Second, you need to have some smart watch device, either Apple watch, or you need to have some android smart watch device. Without that, it just won't be working. A lot of people like this feature, but that's what it is. It won't work without those.

Then you have three dots in the top right. So then you can just edit your profile. Here you can change your name. You can double-check if the house key is there. Additional settings. From here, you can just tap to delete your account. That's what you can do as well, then yeah, you can reach out to support. You can restore [inaudible 00:06:24], meaning if you already upgraded to premium on some other device, you can just change devices and that's fine. Then there is your [inaudible 00:06:32], which you can change.

There are at the moment, two languages, the English and Ukrainian. Pretty cool that there is Ukrainian. Then again, there are settings here also on the main screen.

Then here in the bottom right, you just see all these notifications which your friends sent to you. These are not yours, this are identifications from your partner.

Then you just see, there are different animations and all of that dependent on which action was sent. That's fun. This app can be really helpful if you're traveling or in the distant relationship and all of that. That's basically the idea. Then you have your profile, and that's how it's working. Something around that. That's how it's working.

These are the updates. Again, that you can add more people here. You can add as many people as you like. I don't know if there is a limit or anything like that, but you can now add more people something like that.

There are all these settings. There is this premium subscription to upgrade to premium again, just go to try to send any new action. Then you can unlock the free trials. There is a month to subscription, six months. Then there is yearly where you can send your sensors there are new colors. And yes, that's the idea of the app.

I think there will be more and more updates here in this Obimy 3.0. A lot of people were like, quite excited about the first version it hit the top charts in the US app store. And now this app is again, going quite high in the US app store and all over the world. And this trend of sense that you are sending these actions and sensors, instead of just one messages, is becoming more popular, because you don't need to sync all the time, which message, which text should I send? Like every day? If I'm traveling, I just need to send that I'm thinking about you, or that's some notification or something like that. That should be enough. That's about it. I hope it was helpful. Thank you for watching.

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