here is uh ngl app and uh yeah if you go to inbox you can see messages but what to do if you want to see who sent this so this is the video about upgrading so just tap who sends this and then you can become a pro member and see exclusive hints on each message so that's how you can upgrade uh and pro uh subscription renews for 989 per week so just tap unlock and then you can upgrade for 9.99 per week so it's not per month it's per week there is no free trial and what you get after you upgrade so first you don't get a specific instagram username of user who sent you this um so you don't get that but you just get like very general hints like a user with iphone or user from like this cd user from london user from new york like so just to be clear and don't set your expectations too high even if you upgrade to the pro version you won't be able to know exactly who sent this and people in the reviews of this absolute style that the advice is very gener general very abstract and you won't be able still to get it but if you have a small circle of friends and you looked on instagram of your instagram story activity um you can see like these are like 20 people who viewed the story and uh with this health is a pro subscription i can see that the person sent the account from london so then maybe you it can be better and then you can identify it but even if you upgrade to pro subscription just to be clear sometimes it's not enough but have fun

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