Uploading YouTube videos from mobile - if you close the app - it won’t upload…

When it comes to uploading videos on YouTube through the mobile app, there seems to be an issue. If you close the app while the videos are still uploading, they might not upload themselves. Unlike the laptop version, where you can start the upload and leave the tab open, the mobile app doesn't seem to handle it the same way.

In the video transcript, it is mentioned that if you are uploading multiple videos at the same time on the mobile app and then exit or close the app, some of these videos might not upload. This can be quite frustrating as it doesn't work in the same effortless way as on a laptop.

Sometimes, when you leave the app while the videos are uploading, part of the videos might get uploaded. However, for a faster upload experience, it is advisable to keep the app open and the tab active. Although it may seem a bit inconvenient, it seems that keeping the tab open ensures a smoother and faster upload process.

The exact technology behind this behavior is not explained in the transcript, but it seems to be a deliberate design choice by YouTube. It is possible that they have implemented certain optimizations to ensure videos upload faster when the app is kept open.

In conclusion, if you are uploading videos to YouTube from the mobile app, it is important to keep the app open and active for a successful and efficient upload. While it may not be the most convenient solution, it seems to be the best way to ensure all your videos get uploaded without any issues.

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