Upside - Cash Back on gas and food - app overview

so here's interesting app upside uh where you can get cashback on gas and food uh so in these times where the price of gas is like really skyrocketing you can you can install this app at least and buy gas with this upside app and get some cashback at least in us so and then you can get some money back in form of like amazon gift cards paypal gift cards or just transfers to your paypal and it's not only gas however you can earn on the guest cash back but it's also groceries restaurants and then the the size uh can be up to 25 cents per gallon but of course that's maximum it's rarely you can have that all the time uh it's easy just tap check in or snap a peek and there you have it cash out anytime so that's the app if you didn't know that this exists just definitely give it a try right at the moment it's like number one app in in travel and in in many other categories uh so then you need to sign with your account so as you can see you can use that with like with your apple uh okay with your google facebook apple or email i don't know it's it's not working for some reason but uh that's the idea here uh so yeah okay you can't sign in there but yeah so basically i don't know maybe there is some bug or something just to bring your attention to this app uh when when you see that the grass gas prices are a bit higher you can try at least get some cash back

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