UY Christian Dating - how to create profile?

so here is this another christian dating app united yawn so let's just try to install it and go through the app see how it works and all of that so here on the app you can just uh yeah real christians date with intent grow your face real profiles photo verified uh connect and values that matter and then encourage each other every day the app lets you connect with an inspiring collection of christians near you see someone you are interested in like their profile if it's mutual will connect your boss and you can chat um oh something is happening so it can't be installed so finally yeah i can just confirm with my touch id of ice id and then you can just install it so you can find a friend in the christian community read why people [Music] like pray together on video calls all of that yeah just because sometimes like if you're using dating apps like tinder or like you know some bumble the category of the people is like super broad and um you can just you know get lost in that but if you know that for example it's much better for you conversation among christians and you just feel much more safe and comfortable my business is just the way for you and this is the app to find your partner so you never know so yeah if you feel that this is your like why you should definitely give a try to this app um so let's just try to create an account and yeah i will show you how how the process looks like so in case you want to create an account yourself you you can know how it works so for this demo i'll just use this phone number and then i can just tap next so then i should just get this verification code and then i should just submit that so now i can just get started and then i'll need to create an application will review your photos and profile answers notifying you upon approval it's free to join in chat get premium for extra features so now you just need to apply for this app to be yeah to get accepted and i will just show you the steps what what it looks like uh and then here you can just write uh answers you can contact support uh or like what the nomination you identify with so then and then you just select and then you just enter all these questions so actually maybe it is good uh because uh like uh because sometimes the dating apps are pretty scammy and you can create profile in 10 seconds but here you really have to answer all these questions and it makes the quality of the applicants and members of the app much higher so therefore like the quality of the apps and meetings can be much higher so then you can just allow your location and then you can just uh you can sell your beliefs so then all of these so then you can just keep that if you want and then and then yeah again you just answer all these uh deep questions or something and then you just need to really extend your uh um yeah so of course it just depends on on your answers they can be really extensive your story is an opportunity to encourage and bless others share only what you're comfortable with the public knowing do not include any facebook instagram or snap handles your profile will be rejected so and then yep you just need to answer all these questions and then you can proceed um so something like that i hope you get the idea how this app works and yeah how how how is the process looks like and when you finish it hopefully you can really find people who is who you can hang out or just friends and i guess this app is mostly uh yeah it doesn't have that much users i guess so it only works i i think like in united states maybe canada maybe some european countries but it's not like worldwide app like tinder where like everywhere you open tinder you can have some people there here is just it is what it is so hope this overview was helpful for you thank you for watching

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