so let's dive into this interesting app which is called wama and so this is the app this is a chat for creators this is how it's called wama uh yeah and this is i will just show you exactly how it looks like and how you can use it and why it is quite fun here it is it's not those ones this is the original app bama social networking chat with your friends and creators so you can access experts but i think recently there was an update to this app and the main focus of this app is that you can chat with your creators and friends around the world whether you are interested in getting access to your favorites creators chatting about and if these memes talks there is a community on rama waiting for you so basically you would say like there are like hundreds of chatting apps but here you just have four you have community of famous creators who are willing to chat with you and share some content for free with you and like you know you can engage in group chat with them or just chats and that's the main feature uh so it's like creator based chat so you can stay in touch with friends or create free groups with unlimited members drama is designed to be safe and secure so that you can express yourself freely wama offers greater tools that make it easy to earn money from your responses get first access to your favorite creators it's insanely fast reliable and private all communication to and from chat is encrypted and yep so as you can see there are only 35 ratings but it's growing fast and here's how it looks like it looks very similar to telegram basically i think it's quite similar to telegram app or to whatsapp whatever you call it then there is like a feed and this is the feed of creators you are following so here are some different posts which which you can see from creators some of them are looking like chats in this app and then you can just search for creators here are suggested creators like you can search like some nft web 3 personalities gamers there is not such a such a big uh uh such a big selection yet uh but then here you can see replies from people so here in this app there is a collection of creators who are actually willing to respond to you so if you want to message someone uh you can just do it and there is a bigger chance that this creator will actually reply to you because you know you would ask all these creators are on instagram why do i need this app yeah but what's the percentage that some creator will respond to your dm on instagram it's like zero zero zero one percent here you just have creators who can literally respond to you and you can chat with them i don't know which features are free which are not you can even attach some photos but maybe yeah maybe some of the features are locked under subscription or something so you can add contacts something like that you can copy profile share this profile and here is your profile you can set user name hurry up there are a lot of like first time user names available still because this app wasn't hit by like millions of users yet so you can reserve your cool username so you can then add and invite friends here you can add friend here then there are your groups no groups yet i don't know how that can work and then you just have your feed so that's basically how it works and and uh yeah at this moment you can mute or delete chats uh here are some support you can afraid as your friends join creators group make your own groups and join insanely fast chat service wama is a community for you to connect with your friends about anything and privacy is our top priority everyone's an expert so that's where you have it you can add contact blocker report so here is the profile and that's that's basically how it looks like you can message a creator so try to do that here and then you can create a new group public group and then create a chat group with creator i don't know why you can't invite yet but yeah imagine you know like following some like youtuber or you know and like maybe mr beast is not here yet but just creating some chat group with mr beast or something like that and then you can message each other so that's kind of cool niche messaging app which can be super fun and if you like some influencers you're following them on social media this is the right app for you to to get there so yeah i hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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