VAMA app - how to create username? What is VAMA app?

here is wama app it's a creator chat app so if you tap in your profile in bottom right and then you can set your username here so that's uh what you can do uh you can choose username on vama doing so will allow other people to find you by your username in addition to your name and phone number so you can do that and then you can just write there and let's see so now yeah my i just set up my username so that's pretty cool and yeah this app is pretty early so i was able to set up my like first name username here and then i can find creators to to follow them here so like this app is basically like a like a chat for for creators where you you can kind of see chats from from specific creators it's not like twitter it's more like a chat feed so here you can select specific feed and then you can go and see how it looks like and then you can message your creator uh maybe you will get some response or something around it so that's basically the idea then you can see your feed this is how your sheet looks like from different craters

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