VAST Crypto BANK - what is it? How to get started with iPhone app & create an account?

let's explore vast crypto um so basically that's like a crypto bank was we have taken the complexity and anxiety out of owning crypto us bank is a first nationally chartered us bank that allows you to buy sell and hold cryptocurrency assets directly with your bank account get the benefits of crypto combined with the simplicity and security of bank account um no transfer delays interest beer in checking account one percent trading fees debit card is free and national wide atms buyer bills deposit checks and more so there you have it so that's the bank and they have like an app on the app store uh last crypto banking so let's just install the app for you just to see an overview how the app looks like and how to create an account and all of that so introducing crypto bank can debit card with free atms buy and sell crypto 24 7 integrated checking in crypto accounts account view with transaction history mobile deposit made fast and easy all of that [Music] manage your money and buy and sell cryptocurrency safely so so far it has four out of i reuse 31 rating so if i just tap and sell me notifications and then i to open an account like what do i need okay i just need my name and just need my email address some fast at least 15 characters and then i'll just continue okay so i don't know like what's maybe it's only available in your ass or something so let's just go through the faq here how do i open an account that's like interesting um once you're ready you will have an option either linking another bank account or setting up direct deposit or completing a wire transfer and then you also need your social security number phone number and address and you can also always write them at crypto support at past bank right to them right away i think it's an interesting product and just interesting to know it's available also in europe so that's just a quick overview of vast bank which is a i think one of the first crypto banks so if you have any additional comments just leave them under this video                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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