ve(3, 3) - what is it in crypto?

so i'm just going through this twitter thread from jacknew walls to follow him on twitter about v 3.3 um so this is a new some secretive token a lot of people are just putting in their usernames on twitter uh similar as it was with oi champ few months ago so seems like few creators and phantom token have banded together to create a new secretive and highly anticipated project the token currently referred as v3 comma 3 speculated from the below standard image that it will be called solid it will use the name v which means what wrote escrow mechanic as protocols like convex and curve it's like in dilution mechanics as olympus dow so what escrow looking for longer periods of time gives you higher rewards and larger share in voting the governance of protocol yeah basically if you just look on escrow for a long period then you have more voting power but you cannot sell your tokens uh the protocol is worth a minimum of its treasure value it trades at the premium uh to this treasure value large premium high appreciation so tokens replace our time giving you more tokens but lowering the asset value back in each token fees get added to the treasury so you can sell most these tokens they are stuck in your wallet um so yep there are a lot of details here uh which you can learn here so what does it do how does it make money basically it's a new exchange like uni swap sushi swap or trader jar so yeah that's an interesting project i'm just going through this right here i don't know like how to get it you can't get this token on the open market yet so some people just tell that you should buy phantoms the whole phantom system ecosystem will draw attention you can app into top 20 phantom protocol tokens or you can buy keep kp 3 r currently rc 20 token but soon to come out as phantom so you can do that uh so that's that's interesting inside here uh yeah i'm i don't know exactly how that would work and yeah but this is just an insight if you have any other ideas or like insights into this just leave the comments under the video thank you for watching

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