VELOMINGO APP cuts longer videos - what you can do?

hey if you try to use well a mean girl video editing app and if you just go through the reviews overall it's really amazing Apple really encourage you to try it um but the thing the one concern is that um this app Cuts video uh at 15 or 14 seconds so you can't create longer videos here in valomingo and yeah uh yeah uh and sometimes people write it because even like it's 4 seconds or something so that's one of the issues so people suggest to use alternative like capcat so anyhow let me just show you so basically if I just open the app right now and I want to create a new project and then I want to select some longer video just just for as an example and then I want to edit this so here's what you need to do to delete this video at like 7 Seconds or 8 seconds or I can select other effect so the video itself was more than 40 seconds but it cuts it so basically yeah this app is only for like very short form video Smooth so if you have like a video like two minutes of you dancing you won't be able to edit this with alamingo unfortunately so that's one of the downsides of this app other than that it's really great it's very easy to use and you can use all of these templates for free and Export them yeah it's it exports at seven seconds you're a bit annoying I would also like if you then subscribe to pro version then maybe you can use longer videos but seems like yeah even uh with a pro subscription it's not possible to use longer videos um so yeah it's the original option like this so yeah that's what it is if you have any other suggestions just leave in the comments

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