Velomingo app cuts videos until 7 seconds

so here's the Domingo app where you can upload all these videos and try to create this interesting effects but if I try to do that I can see that here's Rumble app and um this app Cuts videos to seven seconds so it doesn't matter if I upload it like a long video or like a short video it's done it just cuts it out um so yeah that's uh what's happening here's Rumble so as you can see video was like 50 seconds and now it just becomes seven seconds so this is one thing you need to know about it and then I was also just doing some research like looking around the apps and going through the App Store and then uh if you go through the writings overalls are pretty cool people like it but there are still some bugs and glitches so if it goes for most critical um there is no uh there are some glitchy space photos some people say it's you they can't use it without buying but that's not true you you can use it and you can export photos it's fine but just in lower quality amazing app some people write a cap card uh they say that the edits are not that great here so there can be like better edits and all of that but yeah this is the app just for the basic editing just to create some quick viral clip and then combine together in other app or something like that because unfortunately as you've seen it's only like five seconds uh needs additional stuff good can be better he says this is the best editing app ever made allow this uh overall as you can see there aren't that many bugs um it's not that glitchy it's actually quite easy to use and quite easy to understand you can always reach out like to their support website and then there is no like dedicated support section there is just like a contact button in the bottom so that's basically it if you acknowledge some glitches and bugs just leave it in the comments below this app is only available on iOS iPhone right now it's not on Google Android on Google Play Store so that's that

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