hi everyone in this overview we're gonna go through alamingo app Velocity video maker this really amazing app and very simple to use but still I decided to create this overview for you because as you can see this app is really hitting the top charts uh everywhere in in like app stores around different countries uh so here you can just search it as you can see it's being suggested in the Apple Store and basically yeah so that's uh uh the main idea of this app is that it helps you to create amazing short videos one sec I just want to so here it is here's how exactly you can find it because probably there might be a lot of clones and stuff like that here is the app um well I mean go velocity edit maker velocity in one tab smooth velocity hundreds of templates and here you can find it your new to edit it and you want to make advanced velocity edits no worse but I mean we'll got you covered with well a mean Google Velocity edit maker you don't need to create the whole edit from scratch you only need to select a velocity template you like out of hundreds of velocity templates and add the media and music the rest is done by wellamingo and you have a cool velocity added three-step video editing select the template you like add photos videos to templates add music to your video or a perfect Beats for music uh yeah basically this app helps you to create amazing video edits and you don't need to be some Advanced video maker or have some like huge video making experience and all of that you can just instantly start and start creating amazing vertical velocity edits and then you can use them in Tick Tock or Instagram and here is the app so anyhow let's just open it up and let's just go to the app here it is you can just easily create your account and then you need to create a new project so how to do that you need to give access to your photos and videos however you can only edit videos in this app it's not possible to edit photos in volumingo app so just tap create new project and then for example I created this very short video and then I can just select any effect so let's just go here and then we will be able to select an effect it takes some time especially if you are on older iPhone it takes some time so yeah for example this is like my selfie so something like that as you can see here is how it looks like and then uh yeah then you can see other templates other effects which you can use from here so that's another template here and yeah you can just browse around so as you can see this kind of effects and they're very cool and easy to generate as you can see I don't have any uh like experience it's super easy just like selecting filters in Instagram then here you can select quality so either default faster editing option or higher quality slower editing option but bear in mind that if you want done to save is the higher quality you will need to upgrade so to to my surprise a lot of this like a lot of these templates like majority of them are free to use and then you can just use them and you can use all the streaming feature you can add music all of that by the way to add music here you can uh I don't know extract from video uh or yeah I don't there is no access I don't know okay um um so for some reason there is no access to to like a huge library but you can use it and then use your original video sound or extract from video from your gallery um so that's what you can do of course bearing in mind all the issues that you are using the proper music and that you have rights to use it don't just steal music it's very bad but anyhow uh here you have all the templates huge amount of templates and they are adding more and more and then you can use them for free the one thing is is just it takes a bit of a Time exercise especially if you're on iPhone 8 or something like that so that might take a bit of a Time and if you select a higher quality okay let's just select default quality for the faster editing so that just takes a bit of so yeah something like that for example okay so let's say I like this one however I will just scroll for you so you can see that there are like dozens of these templates and then you can use them yeah you don't need some to upgrade to use all of these templates but then when I save what I see here is that if I want to save in high quality I need to upgrade so that's the first one uh uh for some the reason there was like a glitch like this app yesterday or something it was like 39 dollars per week I was like pretty surprised like what's happening here but probably it was some kind of a bug or some kind of maybe test or something like that but now you can start a free trial start three days for free and then 29.99 per year or starts three days for free and then 3.99 per week and then you can subscribe then you can also remove Watermark if you on the pro version and then again it's like 29.99 per year or 3.99 per week so these are like two main benefits if you're upgrading you're removing Watermark because here for example let's just I will just save it to photos to show you how it looks like which quality it is so I just saved it to my photos and then there it is so as you can see the quality is still pretty okay it's not like terrible it's not great and I just filmed it on my iPhone 7 and seems it's it's okay quality and it's good to go on Tick Tock or Instagram or YouTube whatever you're using so it's fine but if you want higher quality for some specific reasons you will need to upgrade and as you can see you have three day free trial so that's fine and also if you want to remove watermark another thing if I tap on Pro uh It also says that I might get some unlimited templates so that also quite a benefit if you want a lot of unlimited templates you probably need to have uh you need to have this uh this subscription um yeah maybe in these three versions there are already a lot of templates but maybe there are even more templates in the paid version so then you just have this velocity added in one tab uh then you can just contact support um I don't know and then there are just more apps from this developer I think you maybe it's it's worth check checking them out like funny made video and motion editor impressive video Design Studio imaginate cool images editor like all these apps uh which yeah can be used uh so that's that um definitely cool uh developer team and then if you want to give some feedback uh you can tap on the information icon in top right and write about some feedback to improve aluming your app and then just tap send so that's what you can do yeah other than that I like I think that's about it I like this app for like this minimalistic design and like Simplicity to use there aren't like 20 buttons and 20 tabs everything is very straightforward and easy to understand really like that about apps so yeah here you can see some reviews it's good I wish it allows you to my longer videos it might make a big difference in my editing it would be a great big help because I might like it longer videos a decent app uh it's also not glitchiest uh so yeah there are some bugs here and there so when I make an edit and it crops off most of it and only stays for four seconds I don't recommend the station make it 15 seconds only by if you have it that's under four seconds or it is 4 seconds uh amazing app so these are some of the reviews and if you go through most critical for example what's can't even use without paying needs more options not to create app some people write cap cut is better choppy Ed is right so crop yeah so I think the main concern here is that people want to be able to edit longer videos um so yeah you can't split it uh needs additional staff overall yes you can see that people just want to be able to have some additional video editing features like ability to edit longer videos ability to split videos so something like that um other than that is great so a great app simple to use definitely give it a try 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