here's the Domingo app velocity edit maker so this app as you can see skyrocketing in the top chart of the of the US App Store and all other app stores and this is the very easy to use app where you can create really stunning photo video like video effects and amazing videos you only need to select the velocity template you like out of hundreds of velocity templates and add them media and music the rest is done by valomingo and you have a cool velocity added three step video editing just select the template to like add photos videos to templates add music to your video and yeah I'm on features you can add some Perfect Beat Time into your music videos you can add some music add some like velocity effects and all of that and I will just show you how this app works it's actually super easy to use you don't need to follow some Advanced tutorials anything like it it's very easy to understand and start using so just tap create new project and what you will need you will just need a like video which you want to edit it's not possible to create video from photos as I understand so that's what it is at this moment and then you just for example I just selected this selfie video and now I can select different effect so as you can see for like this dance effect or something like that and then I can create this another effect like this one so here you still need to wait it's just also depends on your phone if your phone is pretty old or like yeah I guess like with slower processor it can take some time for it to to do this template but there's a lot of these templates and this app is really amazing like because there are so many templates yes like something like that you can try all of them and actually I was really surprised that in the end you can export all of this for free but in the lower quality like if you if you want to export in a high quality you need to upgrade and like pro version is actually pretty expensive but we'll touch on that later so as you can see there is like countless really templates and all of them are really amazing and all of them can really uh push your Tick Tock or Instagram or anything like it to the next level so just definitely you can try it out and enjoy and then you can add music you can dream and you can select here um so anyhow for example let's just select some effect so let's select this one let's just wait yeah it sometimes just takes the takes some seconds to generate this effect I don't know if it depends on the Wi-Fi or on the uh your phone so then just tap save and then you can actually save it to photos so but the thing is if you want to enable high quality you need to upgrade to Pro and create stunning videos so you can try three days for free for uh and then 279 dollars per year so as you can see it's not cheap not there is no good software which is cheap or you can try three days for free and then 39 dollars per week so you can try one of these options then also you can try to remove watermark um so also you can try that it's your days for free 39 dollars per week or 279 per year sorry so that's basically it but the cool part that you can export it for free as well but in lower quality so that's the app you can try some more apps from pixary hope you enjoyed it

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