Velomingo app - how to use? Quick tutorial

here's velamingo app and let's explore how to create all these cool velocity videos with this app um so just tap create new project and then you need to have like a video of yourself dancing or selfie video or anything like it should be video not photo and then basically this is what it does it just applies all this cool filters which you can use then on um on uh yeah on Tick Tock or whatever and it's like pretty cool video too for example if you're dancing or making some moves or anything like then you can just create these videos in this app and sometimes it takes time like my test selfie video is only like two seconds long as you can see it's already takes some time for some filters so just bear in mind especially if you have like older iPhone it can become pretty slow so just don't create like one Clips in that case but there you have it some pretty cool filters it's really amazing and then you can just explore them I'm just curious also about the price and either I which filters I can use for free and for which of those I need to pay so here you can see all of that so these are kind of some of the filters so for example if I want to save that so yeah actually I can already save that but if I want to use high quality then um I need to upgrade three days free and then it's 39 dollars per week or 279 dollars per year so yeah it's it's not cheap but it's it's worth it so like if you want to create all these effects and have them in high quality without watermark you will need to you will need to upgrade um so yeah that's basically that um so you can see all of these so you just need to wait and yeah that's basically the idea it's pretty fun so also here you can yeah it's perfect app for like a tick tock or anything you can also add music you can dream you can change quality and as you can see the app is like super easy to use uh um yeah it's not possible to take a live photo like a capture a camera um then you have settings and you can check out more apps from Pixel redeveloper Studio you can send some feedback and then there is a pro version so super simple app to use but pretty powerful and therefore pretty expensive if you want high quality videos

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