Verifly app - how to create account & how to use

so here's interesting app which is called verify fast digital identity so i can just tap guts to install this app and then yeah i can just use touch id to install it and let's see how it works so you can just use it while you are traveling yeah it just helps you to to create all these digital identities digital paths and store them in privacy security and confidence so yeah that's that's the whole idea but i never used it actually i just seen that more and more people are using it so let's just open the app and let's try to get started i will try to guide you through the screen and how it works so it takes four steps to uh create an account so you just need to agree then you just need to enter your full name details and then you just need to enter that then you just need to confirm your email uh so then you just need to take a profile photo so something like that okay let's see if that works uh so then yeah i'll just want to open my mile app and then just verify well he died my account thanks for signing up and now you're ready to use on board incomplete so yep i just created my account um so that's the process so yep that's the idea uh you can search for flies trees passes cards and more so that's that's the idea that's how you create an account that's your profile so for example add new trees passes cards and more like trip to bahamas and then you just need to add flight details and that's basically like uh you can see all the related like related information here so that can be pretty handy because if you are traveling to some countries you can never know like what uh yeah what are their new requirements because they can be updated like every a few days or so so here you just select all the destination like airline and then you just select date and then yeah you can just submit so then you can just select just for for this info and that's about it so that's your trip so yep and then you can just manage trip so you pass so here you just need to have your complete checklist so here is uh you need to have travel authorization of airports you need to have all these tests so that's why this app is like uh useful and handy and it's growing in popularity because yeah you just need to have all these like you know checklists call it tests for each for each country for some countries you need like antigen tasks for other like you need pcr or like you know others just can have vaccinations and like you need an app to keep all of the data in one place because you can just really forget and judge it can be messy but there you have it and more countries i think are using this very fly app so that's the idea in a nutshell i hope it was helpful

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