here is trenton verify app so let's just try to get it and download it on on iphone and see how it's working um so here is the app it's in top charts in travel because you can you can get all your documents and needed passes flight tickets in one place also events uh some qr codes and stuff like that of course you would ask on iphone i have a wallet app but yep seems this app is getting more popularity and it has a lot of integrations it's a secure digital credentials for a faster return to save in person experience by enable and less contact and especially in your ass it's like it's getting more popularity because some of the restrictions are lifted and but still you need to use these apps for less contacts okay so i need to agree to you to this details and then i i need to enter some uh test details so i can just show you how that might work so that's how you can proceed with your account and then you need to take a profile photo make sure you're in a well-lit area stand in front of the plane background remove hats and glasses or anything that hides your face keep your expression neutral so then you just need to enable the camera and let's try to do it good so it's now it takes some time and then then basically to verify your account you just need to open your mail app and then just confirm that email so that's basically how that might work and that's how you create your account you can always go to the help section in the top top part and then just read more in detail uh how to set up your account it's available on android and ios you create an account the process i just showed you and then a mile can then you just tap on the link and then verify uses your selfie to generate a flash pass your data never leaves the device and only you determine is whom it is shared please not this list link is only violated for 24 hours so if you receive the link in your email you need to confirm it right away then you can see some guys how to capture a selfie and at the moment this app is available in english spanish and japanese and then should be expanded in other languages

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