VERO app - True Social - WHAT IS IT? HOW TO USE?

here's an interesting and trending app which is called viral viral true social and in this tutorial i just gonna share it with you why why it's getting more popular and it's growing in charts and social networking social media categories in us app store is already in top 100 apps and who knows like maybe this app can compete with instagram or facebook whatsapp one day because yeah these days everyone is just looking for some meaningful alternatives to these major apps people are hating facebook or instagram for all the different reasons either is too much ads either it's like lack of authenticity either it's even some mental issues or like fake realities like where people are showing all these like perfect lifestyles anyhow like this is a nice try this app quarrel through social to create a social network with just a bit different angle so what it says here the main focus is it's ad-free algorithm free social from design to functionality we are redefining what a social network should be delivering a better true social experience for everybody where is optimized for connection not addiction putting you in total control free for a limited time join as founding member now and your subscriber subscription is free for life so i also didn't know that so let's just open the app so you can easily create your account and then the app looks like this so you just follow some profiles and then then you can just see all the pictures all the images and then there are some specific influencers on this uh app so there is like this guy has 400 000 followers already so it's pretty huge app already i don't know honestly if you know some of these accounts i just used via api and they're connected these followers from other apps but this part i don't know but some new social networks that are doing just that they're getting all these brands or like famous accounts and kind of transferring their followers to their own app but probably it's already collected only following here which is pretty impressive so then you can just tap on three dots in top right and then you can share a profile you can uh yeah filter posts you can of course block and report the user you can tap to follow someone uh so you can just tap on the search icon in the bottom and then you can just follow some profiles like this there are profiles individual music profiles uh hashtags and there is a big focus on this app just on also music on some like movies previews on some tv previews some games so this app tries to be like all in social network uh app where you can just share your interest photos books apps some songs some places these are just like main categories uh where yeah you can do that so yeah it's kind of very interesting concept maybe it's something similar to what the like social networks look like in in china where you have like wechat or some other apps bars are just like all in so you enter this app and you don't need to leave it you have everything in it like facebook youtube netflix you know messenger apps just everything in one app here by the way if you tap on calls in bottom you can just make calls uh to your friends right in the app so it acts like a facetime so it also has a functionality of facetime and then there are chats where you can start chatting with your friends and you can open a new chat and send in there so something around it uh yeah uh this is like how it looks like you can just bookmark some posts uh you can send it you can like uh you can share a link you can hide the post you can report it and then there are a lot of settings so you can just go to your profile uh you can see all your photos your submissions you can obviously edit your profile so here you can just add some profile picture add some bio some username i don't think it's possible to change username on this stage so you should be careful when you're creating your username and then what else stands our requests and maybe like some friend requests and all of that you can invite friends from your contacts uh so that's basically what you can do as well discovered contacts then there are settings where you have all the account settings so if you tap on account settings you can delete your profile from there music services you can connect apple music here payment and shipping so here maybe you can just add some payment card i don't know maybe there will be some products like books or something what you can purchase so this app also has like a marketplace element this is also you can hear in white friends there are privacy settings you can sync contacts uh and then uh you can enable that you can share pos to followers uh so that's what you can do uh calls hidden posts uh app settings so here you can have that uh and then there is help and support how can we help you from here you can easily reach out to support like get support for example also you can try to verify your account because you can see that some accounts uh have this blue check mark so they're being verified so just provide us with the url of your website and your username on other social networks so we can confirm your identity so that's what you can do just yeah enter your instagram twitter your website and then just provide the brief description why would you like to be verified um then yeah here you have terms of use privacy policy all of that standard stuff and yeah also if there are some other issues you can also reach out to them for example you can't change your username that's uh for example that there are also quite a few bugs i guess because it's quite a new app and there will be a few bugs and issues in on devicing because when it's entering like top charts on the app store obviously that there will be some issues um so that's that um and then finally if you want to create a post so here types of posts which you can create gallery camera link music movie tv book app game or place so i don't know like what so for example you can post some game and i don't know like share some experience about this game uh or for example if i want to post a link this is my blog by the way so i'm just curious to see what will happen and they have like a browser and then i can just use this link i can select some image so this is what you can do and then i can just you then when you're sharing any post any image or anything you can share it just with friends you can share it with close friends acquaintances on followers so there are all these privacy options which i really like and then also you can just tap to private share it to private and then you can also share it with all followers like this uh so something like it and then you just see a preview so it looks like a facebook post or it looks like a twitter um yeah so it's pretty pretty simple but again like we're getting back to the main point why why this app exists because it's as you can see there were no ads like no annoying ads um that's the main point why it's been developed social without ads that's the main motto here and algorithm free so there is probably of course there are algorithm but there are like some advanced algorithms where like you really being manipulated and you're really being shown some content which can generate more clicks and more ad revenue and stuff like that so that's what it is and yeah so um okay i'll i will also show you for example if you want to add a friend here so for example i have uh i want to add this profile and then you can tap connect and this is how you add friends here so is your new connection a close friend friend or acquaintance so then you can just select one of those either close friend friend or acquaintance so that's what you can choose here and then you can just select from here is a close friend a friend or acquaintance and that's basically what it is and yet so that's uh what you do if you want to add friends other than that uh that's how it works and hope it is helpful as you can see there are a lot of already followers for some users which is pretty impressive for this app so that's pretty fun and yeah so that's basically the idea of it hope this is helpful then on every and every account you can see intros you can see photos you can see videos you can see links shared you can see music you can see some movies and tvs books and places for every profile and just have a better idea what everyone you following is doing and what are his or her interests and all of that uh hope you enjoyed this quick intro into the viral through social i will be following this app and trying to discover it and trying to see how it develops and i will share it with you

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