here is app which is called viral vera true social at free algorithm free social from designed functionality we are redefining what the social network should be delivering a better tour social experience for everybody wire is optimized for connection not addiction putting you in total control so let's just tap get and basically yeah you can just use touch id to install it and yeah that's the app there are some like screenshots so you have chronological feed not algorithm-based feed audio video calls chat creator profiles higher resolution photos your audience so yeah all the basic elements of social media app but why this app is growing in charts because they are tapping into niche of creating social media which is you know just more transparent and doesn't try to manipulate you and just push you into some content which just generates more clicks and more ads and more revenue and we took the advertising machine out of social creating more space for you to be human so then you can just tap to sign up and to sign up it's not possible to create account via facebook obviously your google apple so then you just need to enter your full name email and confirm your email and password and then proceed with creation of your account so pretty straightforward that's how it works

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