Vibrate+ app - overview

okay so here is vibrate plus app it's in the top hundred apps in app store and this is one of the top messenger vibrator apps uh just select the path pattern tap the power button and yeah now you will have like a great massaging apps um and you have all the different options uh so you just type cat it's only five megabyte size so super small app just confirm with the touch id of sad and then [Music] you should install pretty fast it only has 300 ratings but it's already in the top charts so definitely try it out i think especially it will work nicely with the new iphones but i think it is possible to install it on older iphones so for example i have iphone 7 it works just fine so here you can select different patterns okay so there you have it haptics are supported by iphone 8 and up so i'm sorry iphone 7 won't work with it but iphone 8 will work so there you have it you just select different modes and then you also have menu and that's that so so that's how the app works basically [Music] why it's not working go to settings switch on vibrate on so select that in the menu you can also unlock the full version of the app um uh yeah there are strengths levels premium access it's a one-time purchase for just 2.99 and yeah so that's that so there you have it um and this app only works on iphone so iphone 8 plus it doesn't work on ipad or ipod touches                

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