Viggo - book a ride - should you use it? Full app overview

so here is interesting app which is called vega booker ride uh so this app is kind of like a green taxi you can you could call it green uber uh and the first scandinavian ride hell in service running hundred percent on zero emission cars vigo is introducing a base rise with fixed price and electric cars only so maybe you have ordered cars in stockholm or and there are a bunch of services such as drivers there are like taxis as you can see like green tesla's of course but some of the taxis are still on diesel so this this app is just offering that all the cars are electric uh take a bigger is your next taxi when you need to get around in copenhagen i do know it's if it's available in stockholm or oslo or helsinki but there you have it how does it work download the app and register book a video approve the fixed price and waiting time see your bigger driver approaching hoping and enjoy a ride in a zero emission car whether you are going to work to the airport having your friends for home fighter cap will get you fast and impulsive at your destination so fixed pricing in a payment on authorized drivers writing of drivers kind of like an uber so here here you have the app available then you can just enter where you're going or you can just enter some random and then you can see the address you can see like set pickup for example and here you can see the the taxi options so yeah usually i think it's still better to take this week or taxi if you're going like you know with at least two friends then it kind of makes sense economically and then you have all the sizes of cars um you can see available available cars here and then you can also order the taxi for a bike and then you can see all the all the details and kind of order a car so it's kind of similar to uber but there is a cancellation fee so if you cancel the 50 krona danish chrono cancel fee then there is a feature here which you can see as something like vigo impact uh you can see like how many co2 you saved using this this app and you can clearly see your impact on sustainability on you know on co2 emissions and all of that and it's really interesting approach and it's of course it's very uh popular in copenhagen in denmark so other sustainable solutions could include walking biking train or metro but yeah if you're using cars uh yeah so far it's it's not that sustainable and copenhagen really aims to to aim like where ambition green goals uh so like vigo is part of that so when you write with bigo you save 103 grams co2 per kilometer compared to riding with the standard diesel taxi uh so here you have that then you can see again yeah your carbon impact in the menu you can add your payment options you can add new cart you can just enter promo codes apple pie is by default if you're using ios iphone you can enter promo code if you want of course then there is your account if you want you can easily delete your account or download your data if you're concerned you can contact support as well so that's how you do it just here you can just reach out and contact support and then if you want to register as a driver you can just drive for vigor so that's it so yeah again this is an app which just focuses a lot on sustainability on green uh taxi riding so that's what you need to consider if you want to try it out and it can be really exciting to test this app

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