Viggo taxi app - how to create an account?

hi in this video we're gonna go through how to create an account in vigo book ride app uh so this is new ride sharing service uh very popular in scandinavia where you can just order like an uber or taxi but it's like it's guaranteed zero emissions so to create an account you just need to enter your phone number here you just need to receive verification code so this is what you can do then you just need to enter a first name to enter your last name then you can enter your email address so that's what you can do here and then you can just enable location so you can also enable notifications because you need to know when your car is ready so that's basically what you can do and then you can see it looks kind of similar to uber and then your co2 service will appear in the app you can see your carbon impact uh you can you have saved zero kilograms of co2 uh and this app is basically focused on that so you can add your payment you can just buy with apple pay by default here's your account you can delete your account if you want but you have

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