Viki app overview

hello so here is this quite popular app which is called wiki where you can enjoy asian shows and movies so just it's free to install it and it's owned by rakuten so it's called like rakuten wiki you can not only watch asian movies you can just participate in community watching multiple devices uh i think maybe there are also like apple tv apps and all that so you can see the names of the specific shows which you can watch here uh and then there is a wiki pass free for seven days first and let's just open it up let's see how exactly it works and how the app looks like so yeah you need to create an account so you can either do it with email google racket and facebook so let's try with apple and then you just need to add your birthday you can sign up to newsletter or not uh then you can select to have wiki pass or not and there you have it now it's just looks like this you can just browse the shows you can search for specific shows you can distinguish by korea japan mainline china taiwan or genres or different schedule then you just have your account so yeah something like that then you can just start to watch it and you will be able to watch some of the episodes but there will be these ads so that's that and yeah and there will be more ads but if you want to upgrade of course you can just upgrade here but then yeah it's possible to watch it so yeah that's pretty cool um if you want to get wiki pass you can just tap in the top right that's only 49.99 per year or 4.99 per month then you can unlock standard shows and movies not only free ones you can get access to exclusives you can get hd quality no ads and cast tv with chromecast so yeah that's that and yeah so that's how it works that's the app if you have used it please leave some additional tips and tricks about this app in the comments below ask your questions what do you think why do you like it or or why it's not that great any other alternatives                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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