hello so here's vinted app which is a growing marketplace where you can sell your clothes or you can buy someone else's clothes which are basically secondhand clothing marketplace and of course you can get some nice things here but just for less um so yeah this is the app 160 megabyte size it's just has 693 ratings um and yeah the new version was just released uh you can download this new version for the chance to sell faster to growing member community and make extra cash with no selling fee you can enjoy discounted usps shipping rates as low as 0.99 dollars for small and 2.99 for medium packages until 44543 2021 uh so yes i'll simply shop smart or join the community so let's just explore that let's just go through together how exactly you can use it and how to create an account and all of that so if you already have an account or you can sign up you can sign off his facebook google or apple so let's just sign up here you can also subscribe to newsletter so let's just try this and try to sign up and then you just need to tell where to live so it's available in [Music] belgium germany spain france italy netherlands united states you can allow notifications accept preferences earn cash selling closes so you can sell your closes on winted uh keep 100 of your earnings silence is completely free so you always keep all you make make extra cash with rented so at least in just three minutes simply snap a plot and sell 45 million people use vintage globally and yeah so that's pretty cool so that's one of those apps where if you want some extra cash probably like some few extra maybe 10 dollars maybe a few hundred dollars you can always sell your clothes this year yeah so if you want to sell tap sell then you just need to upload some photo add title category brand condition add price and you check if you're interested in swapping this you can add price in what you want and there you have it then if i want to shop for example all clauses for men here so this is what i have so for example this backpack if i want to buy it it's 15 euro then i also can buy this like for 30 euro then if i want um to choose a pickup point um then for example if i want to add like my cd because it's not available everywhere [Music] anyway so that's that's the idea of the app so you can select like a pickup point but it's not available yet everywhere so [Music] there you have it then you can choose a payment method at your shipping address um um yep so there you have it then there is inbox [Music] probably you can just send messages here to all the members then there is your profile you can view your profile [Music] yeah edit it and all of that you can top up your balance um you can see your orders participate in forum you can see your settings here profile details account settings language help center so you can always reach out there then you can see like popular items like these are like 25 reviews then you can see all member items shop by brand so for example if you want to sure buy some specific brand which can be quite expensive otherwise then you can just search for that and yeah some some things are like not in good condition some things are like pretty new so if you want to save some cash in closing for example in nordics in scandinavia the close is actually pretty expensive and you need to buy like hundreds of dollars for like some simple items so it can be a good app and then yeah so that's basically that you just browse favorite message is it possible to message someone so you can message someone reach like yeah something like this you can follow someone you can share or report your blog if you don't want that item um yep uh so that's basically that's it i think you can always reach out to the help center regarding selling cancel an order sell process or buy stuff um community your account and settings you can invite friends to winter so if you invite your friends you can invite friends to join me and earn up to 15 uh euro for every person who signs up lists and completes a sale so yeah you can just copy the invitation link so from here that's how it works so this is my uh invitation link printed dot fr slash invite android eg so use this link i will probably earn some cash i don't know so that's about it yup so that's that's the idea here um so that's how it works so if you enjoyed this quick overview please like and subscribe also use my invite link to this app try it out for sure i think it's a nice app to save some money um check out my podcast check out my website mr hack.iowa describes different cool apps and thanks for watching and see you in the next videos                                                                                                                      

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