ViVi Keyboard: Theme Maker - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

hello here is interesting app called vb keyboard scene maker so let's try to get install it and see how it might work so there you have it this is the app and you can see the size um your keyboard could be a first choice to give your social media a special experience tons of themes there are amount of different themes such as anime video games glitter neon if you don't like the original keyboard you can choose your favorite do it yourself on keyboard it's compatible with a lot of social media apps such as instagram tick tock twitter facebook our message whatsapp it's convenient to use the subscription terms and all of that but anyhow let's just explore how it works and all of that now so here is the app yeah you still can use it for free but of course you need to upgrade for additional functionality so here you can create your own keyboard so you can adjust your style so you can select all these different styles you can select different type of text so for example even plants so if i like something like that then change keys so here you will see like popular keys like okay so this sounds fun then add some additional uh effects when you're tapping the keys and then uh so yep that's basically how it works and then just tap save okay so now of course you need to to upgrade um or watch ad to unlock it okay so it's a long ad so it will take like 24 seconds but anyhow sorry for that guys i'm just really want to show you how this app works and what are all the features and here's how it works so now i can save it and then i can name it i guess or maybe as this is just a feedback okay hopefully i saved it i i don't know here you also have some hot uh keyboards um and then there are phones then there are text art then you can paste something like that um yeah so here uh you need to uh set up the keyboard so go to video keyboard settings step pv keyboard and i build wi-fi vvk board and allow full access so you can just tap add now and after that so yeah you will be redirected to your settings app and yep that should be an idea how it works okay for some reason it just takes a lot of time oops so let's just in the settings app let's just search for vb okay so you don't need to go to v app so you just i guess and then you have keyboards here and then add new keyboard and then here it is vv keyboard so that's what you do and then yeah basically if i want to open any app so then i can just type here and then if i want to type something i can just tap and hold and here is uv keyboard and then you just type places and then it's kind of fun you also have emojis here and yeah to go back you just need to tap and hold and then switch keyboard and then you will just go back like that so yeah that's the idea um hope that is helpful um that's the app you can always just go and edit on your movie keyboard and of course you can use it on tick tock on on on snapchat wherever you like and this just you know improves your experience so yeah here you have fonts you have themes you have so that's how it might work and you have can have all these things uh so you can just tap and hold and then you can just copy that like that um so yeah so just uh from here you can just go and pass it in tik tok facebook snapchat and twitter and then it will just work like that um yeah so that's that's the idea of the keyboard uh hope that is helpful definitely fun app to try there are a bunch of these keyboard apps here and there but this seems to be a good one so give it a try

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