Vivint app down, not working - what to do?

hello everyone so here's Vivint app and when I'm just going through the reviews I can see that this app is not working or there are some bugs um and if you set my most recent that there are some support issues and people are referring that this app is down or something around it nothing nothing works like it's supposed to uh and probably there was some kind of update or something like that after it it stopped working and yeah people referring to update after September 7th 2022 and then yeah then you have it so that's basically it I don't know what you can do you can just install it but then you can also um yeah try to update it to the latest version you can always also try to reach out to their support like if you go to ratings no not here every app in app store should have like this support button uh um so yeah if you tap on writing see all and then you can just tap app support and you will be redirected to app support so that's basically the idea where you will be able to see that uh support so that's basically it and then in the bottom right you can just tab chat with an expert

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