VIX APP - BUGGY, DOESN’t WORK - what to do?

so week's app is getting more popular it's basically like a netflix for spanish-speaking audience um yeah it offers a lot of spanish entertainment live show sports kids show series movies and all of that so it's cool app if you if you speak spanish if you like that kind of content but for some reason this app is still having a lot of bugs seems like that some people really like it uh and there are so many bugs so for example some people write it's like low hate relationships playing episodes one after the other is not an option unless you continuously are watching pausing the episode and going back to the main menu causes and i have to go back to the episode guy to pick the next episode there is a lot of commercials too too many commercials and then they people say showing ads is how you keep our thousands of community tv show free for everyone horrible app there is not search bar so that's one of the main demands here in the app on the apple tv app there is search bar but it doesn't work properly seems like that there is no information icon on the show which then sent you to the rest of the episodes um there is no option as i understand to create an account so you can't have your kind of bookmarks or something like that uh and then there is no like option to see recently viewed shows and episodes uh and previously this app was called brenda tv now it's renamed uh um yeah and now it's it seems it's got a rebranding and a lot of these bugs were fixed but still seems there are so many issues some people say it keeps kicking me out dissatisfied mixed feeling about the app the app is a great concept and i see potential but at this point i'm frustrated with all the little bugs it crashes while on apple airplay and closes on its own it also closes when moving to new episode and it will not even keep track of where i left off every time i close it after it crashes the continue feature doesn't work properly doesn't update uh it takes me back to the scenes i already watched after commercial and the search feature would be great i hope after the update these things get fixed too many commercial the app is super glitchy orientation is off uh widescreen uh it then it shuts off so that's the idea uh here it's good that it's available across all the devices like apple tv ios ipad rock or amazon fire stick android i guess but there it's constantly freezes and crashes on a lot of these devices so and also too many ads so there are just like bunch of issues i'm just telling you here if you have any of those please comments below please just leave a comment below and say what are you doing to make you know your experience better maybe you can just restart the app quickly or maybe there is some setting which makes your experience much better other than that you can always reach out to app support here just in the apple app store so you can just go there and reach out to support uh so something like that and then just reach out here and that basically should work so yeah that's the idea hope it is helpful and yeah i just created this video to have an overview if you're like super frustrated you know well sometimes you like the app but it just constantly crashes and you get super annoyed so i just created this type of video to you know collect all the types of errors there can be and maybe just try to look into comments sometimes the issues the app have has it's very common and maybe someone already fixed that problem also visit my website mr hectoria maybe there is someone who sold it there anyways hope it is helpful

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