Vix app - quick preview

so here's wix app um [Music] which is getting quite popular and climbing in top charts in the app store um so this is like a streaming app where you can have a lot of serious shows in spanish so like kids movies as well on demand shows unlimited entertainment but yeah especially it's focused like on spanish-speaking audience so it's kind of like a netflix for spanish people uh yeah so here you can see all the all the reviews it's basically in spanish uh also it has like european football uh sports kids uh so yeah and there are a lot of five stars reviews here so [Music] that's that so we can just open the app and see how it works and how to create an account or how to get started with this app and all of that okay so seems it's not available in this so it's not available everywhere maybe it's only available in united states or because i'm in europe so it's just interesting maybe it's only available in spain um yeah so okay uh i'll try to explore what could be the issue here and i'll come back

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