VIZIO MOBILE app - how to use? Quick overview

Hey there, here's Vizio mobile app. So just tap cat to install it and then we can just use double-click to install it Yes, this is kind of like remote For your Vizio smart TV, you can control your entire entertainment experience with your mobile device So instead of standard remote you can just use your phone So, yeah, it's previously it was called Vizio smartcast mobile So Vizio mobile brings together all your favorite entertainment from multiple apps into one simple Experience so you can launch apps on your TV build your own list of favorite apps Simple controls wherever you are power on off devices play post content adjust volume Everything so here you can just see device control. You can launch apps You can browse movies and TV shows you can see moments. You can see visual account content on the command and Then here you can just open it up let's just explore how it looks like so yeah, you can create an account of sign-in or you can just continuously guest then you just need to So then you just need to connect to Vizio TV or soundbar by selecting the device Above so then you just need to pair those and then yeah Then you can just see all the models which are available so it can be either a TV or it can be audio device and then You can just launch apps from here. You can browse some TV movies and some titles Use your gram view photos and videos from your friends and family on your Vizio TV with Vizio gram so you can do that it's interesting feature and then That's your account as well and interesting it also works with Alexa it works with hey Google or Apple home So that's also additional thing So yeah, it's kind of pretty easy You can just adjust to it and then you know If you're watching TV and you just swiping a news on your phone, whatever then you can also use your phone as a remote And it can be quite convenient. Some people like it where you just you know, use your phone as a remote There is this feature already for Apple TV devices where you can just swipe You know through the Apple TV and use your phone kind of like as a remote For instance when your remote just disappeared or you lost your remote it can be handy alternative So you don't need to order a new one So yeah, that's the idea Hope you try out this app!

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