Vocabulary app - learn words daily - quick overview

here is interesting app which is called vocabulary learn words daily it's in the top charts and yeah like you can say like it's like it's such a simple idea but uh yeah whether you are trying to strengthen and broaden your vocabulary for school or personal growth the key is a commitment to regularly learning new words why expand your knowledge and use of words you'll be able to communicate speak and write more clearly and concisely people who understand you more easily and you will increase the perception and reality that you're an intelligent person uh so yeah let's just open the app and as you can see this app also has this very handy widgets like a lock screen widget as I understand which is super handy just to get like uh a reminder of the awards just on your lock screen and it's super handy so here's like daily reminder of new words I want to learn and then I can just accept notifications and then uh there is a widget I can add to to my home screen so let's say I'm beginner vocabulary uh and then yeah just accept this this is my default theme and then yeah your journey from beginner to Advanced and then three days free and then just 19.99 per year so and then as you can see I just selected that I'm beginner level and these are the kind of words which I can see here to become immune to them so yeah that's what you have here prevaricate to allow the guide from the truth and then I can see the spelling I can [Music] yeah I can bookmark it different so yeah I can just see it like that uh yeah so that's basically the um the solution here and then I just to to add it like a widget so I can just tap and hold that keep shaking and then uh I just enter in vocabulary and then here I have all these types of widgets I can add make it yours by editing this widget from the apps widget settings and then yeah I can just see all the available Words which appear in here and then I can select use a huge or small widget so then I can just add widget and then yeah then it will just every day when this app is updated I will just receive this word right on my home screen so it's like pretty cool and you learn a lot and then you just learn a lot of words it's pretty amazing app so definitely give it a try and then you can yeah increase your vocabulary a lot like imagine if you just learned one word per day or just read one of these kind of words per day like even in 30 days you can sound like super like high IQ person to your friends your friends will be like what are you doing uh yeah or maybe one word per day is too much too much like just depends maybe you need five words or like one word per week it's just your taste but it's pretty cool like um to sound more intelligent and to have much more advanced language and to have much deeper conversations it's kind of interesting idea and interesting app so give it a try and thank you for watching

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