Vocal Remover app - full overview and how to use?

hey everyone so here is this website which is called vocalremover.org and it's going viral recently so this web page for free allows you to separate voice from music out of the sun with powerful ai algorithms so for example you can just upload all kind of songs and then it just will create karaoke version so the version without vocals and the separate vocal file so i didn't use it before but let's just try it out see why it's going so popular so i just uploaded some like no copyright music here just uh and then you can see that audio is processing and it may take a minute so as i understand this app is free to use but of course you should donate if you're just using it a lot just to support that developers here and yeah it didn't take a minute at all so okay now it has encoding also on the left you have all these different tabs and all the different features like pitch change or tempo changer so you can play with that so let's try to see so here is the original track so i enabled music and vocals to the maximum locked in a cell [Music] and now let's try to remove the music ever revealing no secrets pretty impressive right i've been a long time a year before and now let's try to remove vocals and only leave music that's pretty cool right um so yeah uh i think that is amazing so and then yeah again let's just listen to the full track voice [Music] just so yeah probably sometimes the quality is not like the greatest but stills i think it's amazing um yeah um so that's that so let's see here through the different other features so change audio pitch without affecting the tempo choose audio file and adjust the pitch shifter and there is tempo changer you can change audio speed there is audio cutter audio joiner joining multiple audio tracks into one voice recorder so you can request scene recording voice and save completion audio converter you can convert files bpm finder detect bits per minute for any sounds key finderfind musical keys and then find out if your microphone works properly so that's the idea so it's super cool app yeah definitely give a try to it so again it's vocal remover.org you can always support and donate to these guys i think they really deserve it so you can leave reviews and you can ask questions so yeah that's the app if you want to donate you can just go here patreon.com vocal remover and then you can just become a supporter so you can support this guy malnik dmitry

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