Voi - AI Avatar app by Wonder - quick overview

here's another AI Avatar app Boy by Wonder so let's just install it and see how it works uh yeah create your own Avatar it's just says by Wonder I have no idea uh yeah uh yeah so there is already a uh viral app from them called Wonder air generator where you can just basically generate graphics and images but this app is just focused on AI avatars and as a viral Trend here so let's just open it up and and see how it works in some apps you need to upgrade And subscribe and pay actually not a small amount of money to generate those in some apps you can generate a free sample for free so let's just select the style so for example that's how it looks like and then voipro create your AI Avatar access to 40 plus Styles remove ads limited Creations 4.99 per week 29.99 per year seems there is no free trial uh so edit your prompt pick an avatar uh uh so yeah for some of course I can't create uh so here you can of course create that but uh uh it's not possible in this app to create your own AI Avatar it's only possible to create like you know some celebrity but yeah after that you will need to upgrade unfortunately and then you can just create different styles you can add your own avatar you can see all your past creations uh and yeah and then you just need to upgrade to Pro so that's basically that um in case you're not happy with your data your data will be deleted permanently and then you see that you can just delete it easily it's pretty cool actually that I have this feature because you are plugged in quite sensitive data like your AR avatars um so hope that is helpful uh again just select different styles uh you can see all of that uh so something like that and then if you want to create let's just do it for fun and then you just need to watch ad but again uh it's only for for celebrities it's not possible to to create it for yourself until you subscribe there is no free trial as well so yeah if you want to try it out of course you can just subscribe for a week and then just decide if you like it or not and then just cancel it out but yes I understand that computing power for for this AI image is pretty expensive so that's why it's not cheap to generate all of this so yeah there you have it and then uh this is just your creation you can see some results I don't know they're very different uh you then you can just save it um and then you can just recreate and then here you can see the list of celebrities which you can use hope that is helpful

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