hello everyone so here is this new II Avatar app uh by Wonder so Wonder AI is a viral app where you can just generate images and different Landscapes based on your prompts but this app is just really about uh uh creating your AI avatars the recent viral trend uh so yeah let's just try it out you can use Huawei Pro create your own avatar to create yourself so that's 4.99 per week Auto renewable cancel any time or 29.99 per year there is no free trial uh uh it's yeah so that's that but you can also of course try it out just uh just with some celebrities so you can just generate like the image of like Cristiano Ronaldo or whatever so you can see like okay I want to um generate some styling like this and then I want to generate an image of Cristiano Ronaldo and then you will if you want to know what you will look like when you go of course there are ads if you want to avoid ads you need to um upgrade so so yes something like this and then you can just see all the different images it's all generated by ai ai model is pretty cool then you can just save and share obviously you can also do that with your own image you just need to upload like I guess like eight to nine up to 10 selfies of yourself and then you will be able to use them and generate completely new images of yourself um so it's not that you're just like writing your teeth or make a different filter attach a different filter now it's like you completely generate a new image of course there are not like Photo like images but it's getting there AI is like really getting there and then yeah you can just go here and settings delete your data if you're not happy that there is your private information here and you can see all of this other filters AI filters available and then you can also try them out um yeah it's like pretty cool again you need to upgrade to Pro to remove ads to have unlimited creation and create your own avatar and with 40 plus styles actually it's not that the big price because computational power is pretty expensive for all these AI models and some apps like Lanza AI as I understand they charge six dollars just for one pack just to generate one pack of 50 AI images you need to fight by like five or six dollars here you have of a five dollars per week and you have unlimited creations so try that and this is like a very strong team behind this app which built Wonder AI app which also went viral uh some time ago so definitely interesting app it's uh yeah uh try all of these features have fun with AI also here you can just edit your prompt so if you want to add some little detail just like if you want to say I want to uh this app to to have like a nice background or like you know something like that you can you can do that

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