Voi AI avatars - how to generate AI avatars for free? How to upgrade?

foreign AI Avatar app and can you generate a I avatars for free in this app um actually no um like uh yes and no so you can generate free avatars but it will only be avatars of celebrity so you can select different filters you can test it out like you want to test out this filter and then you want to test it out on some specific celebrity um so yeah then then you can just select that and and try it out and it will be free but and you also will need to watch an ad but if you want to create your own tag uh like I have here then you need to upgrade and have a a Weekly subscription so for example see here I have all my avatars and then here are my Creations associated with my selfies but for that to be accessible I needed to upgrade to Pro account y Pro where I could have access to 40 plus Styles Unlimited Creations uh yeah and it's like 4.99 per week uh cancel anytime and you have unlimited Avatar so it's actually a pretty good deal but there is no free trial anything like that unfortunately you need to pay so yeah hope that is helpful

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