Votly app - how to create account?

here is interesting app which is called wattley paul social network so let's just install it and go through yes i use touch edit to install here are some previews of the apps discard with the community social polling engaging create your own polls acquire pulse blizzard voting interact earn gold have fun creating polls giving and receiving opinions comparing images and socializing with the water community our pollen app gives you exclusive and unlimited access to other people's opinions whether you need help deciding which outfit to wear or you can't choose which picture to post to an instagram what has got your card creating pulse and comparing images is easy with swotley um just yeah upload images and compare it anyways let's just go open the app and see like how can you create an account here and how to get started this app doesn't have that many reviews yet but it started to climb the the app charts um so okay they just need my account or i can just create a new account or i can just create my account using apple id also using facebook and you have been rewarded hundred coins bonus and here's what the app seems this app was developed by you know uh in the middle east during the country or something but it's quite popular among europe as well i think it's a really interesting idea that's basically how you can create an account um and you can just tap to edit profile then there is your username um and then you can just create this pole like you know it's like i don't know like for example i want to choose like which tv is better like this one or that one uh it's just an example um select category um technology and then ash add hashtag tap next number of photos i don't know allow comments all users to place it and then you can just publish it so something like that basically um so that's the idea of the app and then people can just comment on it and you know you can see their opinion uh so yeah in case you are you know you just like have some questions and in case you want to just know the opinion of people like what do you think like you know you can see here that people are just voting here on the types of cakes or foods or any other questions if you just want to have that opinion instead of you know asking some facebook group or just you know posting an anonymous question in facebook group something like that you can just try out this app i think it's an interesting idea for sure anyways hope that is helpful

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