hello everyone so here I'm trying to take a look at this app which is called VPN 360 fast and secure VPN um yeah it's it's in top charts in productivity on IOS app store it's one of the top vpns actually I think if you search for VPN on App Stores there will just be a few apps about it so definitely it's in top charts it's a user-friendly free VPN service delivery unlimited and dependable privacy protection within this one click setup we offer a free VPN tile that cars basic protection uh uh and needs and Premiere subscription that offers Advanced features and capabilities access your favorite online content without worry vpn360 keeps you protected and safe so yeah that's basically the idea one tap to privacy 125 global locations stay safe and private different modes so let's just stop to open it up uh uh when you accept and continue so here um you have different options if you want to upgrade so yeah but actually you can also proceed with limited uh yeah so something like that so for example I want to do that and then you just need to allow configuration it's just like a standard thing for all this VPN apps so don't worry that's um yeah that's how it works this you can allow or not allow this is just how it works and then uh yeah if you want faster speeds then you need to upgrade to 360 premium uh there is free trial enjoy now as faster speeds premium locations and stream and Game Online privately and securely um so yeah something like that and then you can just tap continue and then you will see trial one week three then uh 12 dollars per month so yep uh that's basically it um then there are settings always on VPN connection mode kill switch help center right on the App Store and yeah uh there you have it just a super quick overview

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