VPN Super Unlimited how to install the first time?

hey there so here I'm trying to install the VPN super unlimited and for the first time so just gonna walk you through this process so I just downloaded the app is pretty popular app I highly recommend you to try it out it's in top charts of JS App Store and then for example you can see some free locations you can see some paid locations free ones usually this is a major countries like us UK Germany VIP locations allow you to get access from a kind of Niche region so like some small European European countries smaller more Niche asean countries and all of that so then for example I want to set it up this location and when you're doing it the first time so only the first time you will need to set up this uh VPN configurations so after that you'll need to enter your phone passcode um so just proceed with that it's it's not possible to do it with Vice ID or like touch ID you need to remember your passcode do that and automatically it will set up your VPN settings and after that yeah it will be just possible to to start using it every time

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