VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

here is this interesting app called VPN super unlimited proxy so it's one of the top VPN apps right now and personally I use it a lot because it's perfect and it has a lot of options to use it out of Premium so it's usable without premium subscription of course if you want to have a more like a better service you will need to upgrade here but let's just see what you can how to use it I can just tap fastest location uh and then I can just select any location not any but the ones which are available in a free category so here you can just scroll around and then you can just search some countries which are available for you and then you will see just like free uh like blue notification yeah so these are like three options and then you can just tap and you can just select all these different location servers as I understand so Germany UK Singapore Italy France so for example if you want to move like to Dallas just tap on this and there you have it then you're just being connected uh I'm not using the app first time so maybe there were some settings which configuration but after you did it and you followed all the instructions the first time there you now the app is just being installed and now I have this like VPN uh like icon in the top and then yeah if I just go to my browser it will be using like this VPN app so that's really cool and that's it so that's why this app is like super easy to use and just go and change any other location I don't know what that is in the bottom as you can see now it's just disconnecting so you can select different modes then you have the menu in the top left you can see your accounts you can see the subscription um and then of course you can upgrade to premium so uh virtual locations two times more virtual location four times faster connection 100 AD free and customer support with your chatting is real agent uh so yeah in case you are really depending depending on your VPN and you really need to have some like high speed and all of that I would just yeah I recommend you to upgrade to premium in case you just want to occasionally use this app uh just for some reason three minutes here and there then it's like you don't really need to upgrade because yeah I try and the speed is pretty okay with this app and yeah it works pretty fine with the free but if you're not using that if you're not using this app that extensively but yeah if you need really high speeds on VPN unfortunately you yeah you will need to upgrade and then the price is like eighty dollars per year or 11.99 per month if you pay monthly yeah it's getting it's getting pretty expensive um but they still have seven day free trial which is a pretty generous offer so you can try out that as well uh then you can just do a speed test but yeah what's like in the free version what's annoying is just these things um so yeah that's a bit like too many ads but yeah that's what you just have here uh so yeah uh that's that's what you have here that's the app uh yeah I like it I use it a lot actually because um yeah it's super easy to use it has a very generous uh free offer uh and it offers access to a lot of this location and to disconnect you just tap here and then you're just disconnected and again you see the ad but yeah again like if you're just using once in a while like a few times a week or a month free version is completely enough for me uh but uh yeah if you start using it really really a lot then you'll need to upgrade

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