VPN Super Unlimited Proxy - Should you upgrade to Premium?

here is this app called VPN super unlimited proxy it has what more than 1.5 million ratings and let's just open it up and explore like should you actually upgrade in this app here is the app itself and if you're just using this app basically you know like few times per uh I mean like per month or just using it rarely it's just in our free bar you have all these like locations like plenty of locations you can select from um like from major countries um you can just select them and then just go here select this and then just tap connect and there you have it so it's super easy uh actually the speed is okay even in the free version and you can access yeah what you need but if you want a VPN from some more Niche location not like a major country not us or UK or Germany um and then you want like faster speeds and you're using this app a lot and you want to avoid ads in this app then yeah you need to upgrade uh and it's it's not cheap actually so yeah it's like 79.99 per year or 11.99 per month uh so yeah then you can just save 45 if you're upgrading to earbuds I have like a generous Sunday free trial and with premium you have more locations you have faster connection Forex that's a pretty big increase if you're using this app a lot for connections 100 AD free and human ad support customer support and then um yeah you can just go to as you can test the speed here uh and yeah so then basically that's the idea uh and yeah you got much more VIP locations so here you can see much more Niche countries like Egypt you know like Israel Estonia like causes and major countries uh so Niche locations and just fasting internet and no ads so if you're interested in that probably you will need to upgrade

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