W APP - Anonymous Polls - full overview & how to use

W APP - Anonymous Polls - full overview & how to use

W App Anonymous Polls is a new app gaining popularity in the social networking space. Similar to the viral app "Gas" that was popular some time ago, this app allows users to find out who likes them through the creation of anonymous polls. It is specifically targeted towards teenagers in the US, requiring users to sign up and select their high school.

The process is simple: after signing up and selecting your school, you will be provided with anonymous polls to answer with your friends. If your friends pick you in their polls, you will receive a notification, and vice versa. The app ensures the anonymity of participants, so you can answer the polls without knowing who voted for you.

When you open the W App account, you will see a screen with the options "Minecraft" or "G." Tap to continue, and you will be prompted to add contacts from your phone book. This step is necessary because you need to add real people who are your friends before you can vote for them. You can tap on "Friends you might know" and then select "Add" to include them in your contact list. The minimum requirement is to have four friends from your school to start voting.

To unlock the box and see who voted for you, you need to play 12 polls. Keep participating, and you will eventually be able to add more friends. Additionally, you have the option to invite friends from your contact list.

Creating an anonymous poll for a friend is also possible. Simply select the person you want to create the poll for, and you can share it as a Snapchat story or on Instagram.

The app features a profile section where you can buy perks using coins. One of the perks allows you to get your name on two random posts. You can earn coins by sharing your profile and inviting friends. It is worth mentioning that to see who voted for you, an upgrade to a premium subscription might be necessary.

W App Anonymous Polls provides a similar experience to the previously popular Gas app. If you are interested in finding out who likes you through anonymous polls, give this app a try.

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