WAG! - Dog walkers & sitters - FULL APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

here's interesting app which is called bag where you can book dock walkers and cedars uh and also like trusted bad car service uh any day anytime um yeah it's number one app for the bad parents offering five star dog walking by city in wet car and training services nationwide the recently this this app really went into top charts um and yeah a lot of people like docs and this app makes makes your life much easier you can get you know like peace of mind and if instead of you know figuring out how to do it in the exact way you can just uh yeah use the app so then you can just create your account with apple google or facebook so let's continue i usually create with apple because it's the fastest way for me and let's just explore so how the app looks like then you need to enter your phone number i'm not sure if this app accepts okay so i think it's only working in us so let's try it out okay so you can even continue without the phone number but then probably you can add more of the services later so this is your profile you can view your profile you still need to add like your phone number [Music] and then yeah you you see home so then okay you need to increase that uh you need to select user working dropping overnight web chat training so yeah you need to add your address before you can continue here just for an example so yeah something like that and then you can also enter your phone number and then for example you can select walking book a dog walk so you can select express block or deluxe work meet your worker and then you can schedule or uh like sap i'm requesting a vlog today uh you need to add a bad bad name so you need to add and then you need to add like your bad photo so that's uh what you can do but i don't know oops okay so i don't know uh okay can i just add some random photo here so yeah this is just a random and then here you can confirm your details and then you need to have set home access uh you need to select how caregiver will enter your home uh and then you need to upload the photo of like log box or someone will be home so that's basically not for caregivers uh anyway like that's just an idea and then there you have it then you just need to confirm details you can give a tip to caregiver and then you can select a book now you can select premium but then yeah uh this what you can do and then you just book uh your express walk or deluxe walk or you know all of that and that's basically how it works you can also schedule it in the in the future so you can schedule dates and repeat it weekly like you can schedule every monday every like every day of the week and then just do that and some someone will work with your dog so then you can see here uh there are also other categories like drop in you know walk too much today a bad character will keep you but happy with the body break and play time so just overnight uh training so training is interesting because you know of course you can have a dog but it's super important that especially if it is a bigger dog that it's trained and then there is also with turnaround option then you can browse all the categories and then you can message specific uh dog walkers on this app so you can see that these are real people there are some real reviews so you can see uh yeah a lot of reviews here like five stars verified walks from 2021 so yeah you can see here you can select the filter and select all the people in this area so that's fun [Music] so yeah if you if you invite friends you you can you can give you can receive twenty dollars you can see your messages uh you can see your schedule caregivers past services media gallery payments also if you want you can upgrade to wac premium 10 of all services no booking fees top rated caregivers free web service 24 7 vip support and that's 9.99 for a monthly plan or 7.99 per month if built annually 95.99 so you can also do lifetime plan for 300 one-time charge um so yeah that's about that so if you like the app if you're using it regularly i would really suggest just to try this app to use you know like just a few times and then yeah of course if you if you use it regularly just upgrade because then you have access to top rated people and caregivers free web advice support and 10 off of all services no booking fees so then it kind of makes sense but if you're using this app like one two two times like doesn't make sense to upgrade already uh so then there are also settings then there's account you can delete your account you can sign out of everywhere just in case uh yeah if you're not happy or you don't want that that your data is kind of accessible in this app uh so that's that and then accessibility [Music] you can always contact support and all of that so yeah that's the idea of the app it's very simple to use there are all these promos and you can you can you know enjoy them as well and yeah so pretty interesting app and that's why it's it's in the top charts recently maybe it was featured somewhere on tick tock or something like that so anyway thank you for watching uh enjoy my tick tock and i have also my personal blog mr hector toyo and thank you for watching

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