Waiting list in Truth Social is not updating

here's through social app and there is still uh no update on the waiting list when i tap on this you know update icon here in the app after creating my account nothing happening uh just a massive event we have placed you on our wait list below you know just a number another number to us but your weightless number is below and when i tap on it it just can't be updated so yeah nothing happens uh only when i went to my basic email and there was like another number if in email which you can receive after a few hours but i'm here just describing you a few issues few technical issues with the app so as you can see you can see like your account has been created successful and here it's another number also people in the app store say that like they sign up there is one number and after a few hours this number is much higher so there are so many bugs yet um so yeah um i think you just need to wait at least a bit and see what happens and wait for these bug fixes

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