Wallpapers for Dynamic Island app - quick overview

Here's an app called Wallpapers for Dynamic Island. It's a pretty cool app, nice idea. So as you probably know, as you probably see on this screenshot, the newer iPhones have this Dynamic Island feature, which is like a black area just on top of your phone. And you can really customize it and make it less boring, even if it annoys you. So for some users it's an advantage. Just open it up and then you see all the possible Dynamic Island collections. So you can customize your background, you can instantly subscribe for $9.99 per month, three day free trial and $6 per week, which you can try. But then there is a limited version as well, and then you can just swipe up to see more wallpapers. And then you can see here's the preview how it can look like with the Dynamic Island. So here you can have different pads. Yeah, like is there something like that. And then it just kind of looks more organic on your phone. With this Dynamic Island, because if you just use a normal wallpaper, even if it's a depth wallpaper, this Dynamic Island can be a bit annoying. But here the image is just adjusted. So as you can see in this avatar or like this astronauts. So it's pretty cool. And then you can just get them here. So this is an app specifically focused on that. And then you can just enable these pads also on your Dynamic Island. You can feed them and play. This is also like a really interesting feature just to have like digital pads available in Dynamic Island app. And then it just makes your iPhone less boring. So give it a try to this app. If you want to use it additionally, then there is a pro version where you can just upgrade. You can then easily cancel subscription if you don't like this app. So there you have it.

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